Develing International nominated for the FD Gazellen Award 2013

fd_gazellen_2012.pngDeveling International finished in the top 5, in the category big enterprises on the rankinglist of the Golden FD Gazellen Award.

Despite difficult economic circumstances, our company showed an impressive growth in turnover over the last three years (2011-2013). This is a very good and remarkable result, especially in our line of business.

According the financial analyses of Craydon, our company showed a healthy and honest growth. The conclusion of Craydon was that Develing is a “role model” to the Dutch business.


Every year the Golden Gazellen Awards are handed by the Financieele Dagblad and Graydon (Credit Management) to the three fastest growing companies per region.

Develing International is nominated for the FD Gazellen in the Province of Utrecht, in the category large. With this nomination Develing International may be called FD Gazelle.

Strict criteria:

Not all companies receive a FD nomination easily. There are a number of strict conditions to which a company should measure up to be nominated. Companies should be financially sound, reach a growth in sales of over 20% over the last three years and book no losses.

The nominations are based on the Graydon database, consisting of 2 million active Dutch companies and is maintained daily. Criteria are amongst others turnover, annual figures and payment behavior.

Despite the difficult economic times 350 companies are included in the FD Gazellen ranking list. This is 45% more than last year. With these awards the Financieele Dagblad and Graydon put the fastes growing top entrepreneurs in the spotlight.

FD Gazellen are divided in three categories: small sized, middle sized and large and 12 Provinces. It is the 10th year that the Financieele Dagblad organizes this election in cooperation with Graydon.


Contact Details

Develing International
Dorpsstraat 92
3751 ES Bunschoten, The Netherlands
tel: +31 33 2986082
e-mail: develing (at)