Our Business

Develing International is specialized in supply chain management.

We are service minded and this way of working turned out to be successful and led to a significant growth. The basis of our success can be found in the long-lasting and open relationships we maintain with our reliable suppliers and customers, while we greatly value the knowledge and experience of our staff. They are the power of our organization. Through our people, our suppliers get access to and knowledge of the local markets. Our efforts led to substantial growth in sales for our suppliers. With our expertise we are able to find solutions for our customers and provide support in the development of (new) production and quality improvement processes. We consider integrity, professionalism, respect, loyalty and quality the basis of our company.

With our sales organization we are active in China and Vietnam and we:

– export, source, purchase, distribute and sell raw materials and semi-finished products;
– buy and sell for our own account and risk;
– focus on products for the food, feed, pharmaceutical and paper industry, supplied from all over the world;
– manage and control the flow of goods from supplier to client. Our customers can be sure of a tailor-made supply solutions;
– provide support to our customers in the most professional and efficient way possible, from ex-works to delivered duty paid;
– understand the local way of doing business and overcome cultural differences.

We bring added value to our customers and suppliers by arranging:

– the export of goods;
– reduce risks;
– documentation required for the transport;
– transportation;
– financial settlement for suppliers and customers;
– declaration of the raw materials through Customs;
– maintain emergency stock on the basis of the material needs planning of customers;
– timely deliver goods to the client’s warehouse;
– issue VAT invoices in local currency.


Contact Details

Develing International
Dorpsstraat 92
3751 ES Bunschoten, The Netherlands
tel: +31 33 2986082
e-mail: develing (at) develinginternational.com